May. 20th, 2017 10:43 am
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I know this is a last-minute shot in the dark, but I'm looking for a room-share. I'm a female introvert whose hobbies are reading and knitting, and fandoms are Yuuri on Ice!!! and SF. I'm willing to pay 1/people in room of cost if you have a place for me.
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It's SF/F convention season again, and once more we are all presented with the conundrum --

Do I hug this person hello and goodbye, or not?

Social hugging! It's a thing! Yet, it is MOST DEFINITELY NOT A THING for a lot of people.

Here is how I, personally, navigate these situations. While this may not work perfectly for you, feel free to modify it for your own use.

If I want to hug a person hello or goodbye, I say to them, "Do we hug?" (Or, "do we hug hello?" etc.)

If they say "Yes, we hug!" then we do, indeed, hug.

If they say *anything else*, I back off and we do not hug.

If someone says to me, "do we hug?" and I *want* to, I say "yes, we hug!" and there is a hug.

If I do not want to hug this person at this moment, I say one of the following things, or something similar:

I don't recall us hugging
I'm not much of a hugger
I don't think we hug
Now's not a great time
Not that I know of

If the other person does not understand the soft no and moves in, I take a step back and say:

No thank you
Now now
I meant no

If my hug offer is rejected, I move into the next part of the conversation "It's great to see you! How have you been?" or "I'm so glad we talked, when's your next panel?" or something similar. If I have just rejected someone else's hug offer, same script. No apologies, no talking about feelings or misunderstandings, just move into the next phase of the social interaction.

I, personally, do not enjoy finding out later that I have made someone uncomfortable with my actions. I prefer clear communication BEFORE social hugging to try to avoid awkwardness afterwards. YMMV!

Does WisCon do memorials?

May. 12th, 2017 10:35 pm
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 Hello all,

Ama Patterson, a dear fan and attender of WisCon died on May 1st. I know that Ama will be remembered at the Carl Brandon party that Friday, but I'm also wondering if there is an official "In Memorium" that happens at Wiscon?

I ask this because around this time last year (June 2), another friend, Elle Plato, died, and I was looking for a way to honor her at WisCon. I believe she did some lockpicking demos during the Gathering a couple of years ago. Please feel free to inbox me directly. Thanks!


Dessert tickets?

May. 11th, 2017 02:18 pm
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Does anyone have dessert tickets they won't be using? I registered late, and they apparently already sold out.

I'm happy to pay full price.

Ticket obtained!


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